Workouts & Clean House – Summer Bod Time

Okay, sure it’s been done before. Everyone has an at home regime to attempt to “get fit”. If you’re anything like me, that lasts about a week. Then back with the tacos and lounging around. But if you’re anything like me, again. I love to clean. My house has to be spotless or else I go crazy. So what do I do? I combine cleaning with working out! I probably look ridiculous doing so, but I have noticed working out to be a little less daunting.

Here are the 3 different workouts I do during my daily chores.

  1. 10 Squats for every dish that goes in the dishwasher: Whether that be 3 dishes or 15, I always do 10 squats between every rinse and stick in the dishwasher. It’s harder than it sounds.
  2. Floorboard Pushups/Planks: Floorboards put you on the ground anyways, may as well get those biceps and abs working while down there! I alternate between the two and do 30 second plank or 10 pushups.
  3. Mop Lunges: While mopping, I’m definitely lunging as I go. I sometimes use a resistance band if I’m feeling it. Lunges are never a bad thing for buns of steel and you’ll start feeling the burn pretty quickly.

So while it may not be much, I pride myself in having a spotless house which means the cleaning supplies are out multiple times a week. If you’re not an avid cleaner, not to worry. Work your way up from one day to a few days a week. The more you do these easy workouts, the more you’re going to want to! Put on some of your favorite music and get to steppin’!

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