Why You Should Listen to The Gardiner Sisters

The Gardiner Sisters hailing from Concord, North Carolina has charmed millions with their beautiful melodies.

Gardiner Sisters, Hailey (23), Allie (21) Mandi (20), Lindsay (17), and Abby (15) are the oldest of eight children, and have been performing and creating music together since their childhood. Their positivity and faith shine through with their original songs which have been viewed on their YouTube channel millions of times.

Being loyal members of the LDS faith, their music promotes love, positivity and faith among members and non-members alike.

Listening to their music makes you want to get up, dance and show gratitude for friends and family! They will be performing live at What A Woman Wants Expo happening Friday, April 28. From 7-8 PM

For more information about the sisters visit their website: www.gardniersisters.com

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