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Break-ups suck, but you will survive!

We all have been through it, breaking up with someone you thought would be in you life forever. That gut wrenching feeling of walking away from someone who doesn’t serve your soul the way they should. It’s not fun, but the beautiful thing about break ups, is you learn so much about yourself in the process. We put together this list to help ease the pain and get you back to that glowing, happy woman you were born to be!

-Friends/Family: Without a doubt life would be nothing without friends and family. They make you laugh, they tell you things you don’t want to hear, but you need to hear it anyways. They will be the ones to lift you when you’re down and that hug you need when the heart is aching just too much. Allow them to be that cushion in that time of need. They will allow you more growth than anything.

-Music: That’s a give in. Blast Lana Del Rey and cry your eyes out. It’s okay to be sad. Allow yourself to feel the sorrow and hurt. Emotions aren’t meant to not be felt. Healing can be hard, but being in your emotions is the best release. Some of my favorite break up music includes Bob Moses, Alabama Shakes, Above & Beyond ,The XX, London Grammar and Bon Iver.

-Find a New Hobby: The most creative people have usually endured the worst of heartbreak – in return they create some of the most beautiful things. Whether is taking a new class, getting outside or simply getting a journal to write in, creativity stems from dark days. Not to mention, new hobbies allows you to surround yourself with new ideas, from new people. You will be surprised at the perspective you gain from being in new places.

-Alone Time: Tuning into yourself can help you understand the ache you’re feeling. During my time of hurt I went out in nature by myself, listened to how I really felt and allowed it. Once you “watch” how you are feeling without judgement, that’s when a breakthrough happens. Angela Burningham said it best:

“To isolate, to ache, and to find myself love. To feel everything and to work through it. To understand and grow mentally, to change my thoughts, and re-evaluate my perception of what I felt I deserved and what made ME happy. I decided not to fill my time and space with temporary solutions or “distractions” because at the end of the day, that’s all the were and the hurt was still there. My biggest growth came from my biggest pain and the peace I have now was worth everything I lost”

-Yoga & Meditation: I learned with any break-up or falling out, being able to forgive is the first step to moving forward. To forgive doesn’t mean you have to accept ones actions towards you, but simply allowing them to not consume your thoughts. I find when I am on my mat, I can allow forgiveness to enter my space. An hour of escaping the replayed conversations and scenarios allowed me so much relief to replace bitterness and allow forgiveness in my heart. Mindful and slow restorative poses allow you to tune in and see how you emotions are making you feel and simply watch without judgement.

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Staying Present – Living Life Purposefully

“The past and future are in the mind only – I am now” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Living consciously is something everyone strives to do. With the new age movement of meditation, yoga, and eastern medicine. Most are aware of what it means to live life presently, although, most don’t actually do it. Being lost in past memories, or the excitement of the future can plague us of the very moment we actually have control over. The Present. While it’s easier said than done, there are some simple steps you can take to become more mindful and essentially ease stress of day to day life.

Meditation can seem intimidating. Being completely consumed in thoughts is a daily practice for most and turning off the ‘Monkey Mind’ is an extremely difficult thing to do. Some people think shutting off the mind does a disservice. The beautiful thing about meditation is, it’s not asking you to shut off your mind, rather observe it and let the thoughts come like waves on a shore. There are many studies that meditation reduces pain, insomnia, PMS and increases relaxation, and focus for students.

There are different types of meditation that can be fun, and you can do them just about anywhere!

-Breathing techniques: Breathing techniques are great for quick meditations at anytime of the day. When you focus on your breath, you put yourself in the present moment. When you start focusing on breathing and the sensations throughout your body you quickly learn that it’s easier to let the thoughts melt away. Take a few deep breaths and start to bring your awareness to everything around you such as sound and scents, reverse the process and bring your awareness back to your breath. Doing this for 10 minutes a day can definitely change your life.

-Guided Meditations: Guided meditations are usually with someone specifically trained in healing’s and meditations. You can find thousands of resources online and apps that will allow you to focus on a certain topic of mediation such as love, anxiety, relationships and more. Some of my favorite apps include Aura & Headspace.

-Mantras: probably my favorite type of meditation are mantras. You usually meditate with a 108 beaded mala that you begin moving through your thumb and middle finger. You can choose any mantra that fits well to you. You can chant a mantra in either the sacred language of Sanskirt or English but do whatever you’re comfortable with. Choosing your mala is your first step. Choose something that calls to you. There are plenty of online stores or local stores such as Dancing Crane you can shop from. Begin your meditation by starting on the left side of the mala and continue to repeat your mantra til you get through all 108 beads, instead of crossing the big bead, also known as the guru bead, at the end near the tassel turn back around and complete the mantra in opposite direction. You can do any mantra from “I am beautiful” to “I am enough” which is great for a starting meditation.

-Become the watcher: Start observing your thoughts and feelings in every interaction. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day, you can start to see what things cause distress or what is working for you. The key for this meditation is observe and not judge. Watching without judgement even is difficult for me and it takes practice just like anything. Once you start getting use to observing, you’ll start seeing a shift in awareness.

Meditation has done wonders for emotional and physical health for not only myself but thousands of generations. For me, it has allowed me to gain a better sense of myself and able to work through what life deals me if it’s difficult. Hopefully these meditation techniques find a way into your daily life. Even for just a brief moment, each person deserves a purposeful and happy life!




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Salt Lake City Make-up Artist takes New York

When it comes to being a woman, Make up is something that the majority love. We spend insane amounts of money on things that make us look tan and glowing. If you’re anything like me, I need some tutorials or friends who specialize in this kind of beauty ritual. With trends changing constantly it’s always nice to know people who thrive in this industry.

Lauren Searle, Salt Lake City Native has worked extremely hard with the latest make-up trends and now works extremely close to some of the biggest names in the industry such a Calvin Klein, H&M, Vogue and many more. I was able to catch up with her to talk about some current trends and what inspired her to be a MUA


WWW: What inspired you to be a MUA?
LPS: I was always inspired by art and color, but I never really found my niche until I started going to makeup counters. Having the opportunity to play with products, as well as have my own face done by the masters. Watching them work was always a huge inspiration, and I love what I left with especially when it was colorful, and artistic! This turned into an obsession, and I never looked back, from my teenage years forward I always knew I was going to be a makeup artist.
WWW:  How do you stay inspired in this type of industry?
LPS: Sometimes its difficult to stay inspired with Instagram makeup on the rise. It seems like these days everybody wants to look & be the same, but that’s not to say there aren’t some amazing artists in the mix of everything. I stay inspired by exploring new artists – artists I haven’t yet heard of. As well as going back in time, and looking up old references from the OG’s in makeup, music, and fashion. I also get inspired by where I live – graffiti, photography, the rave/club-kid scene, strange movies etc. I have quite a bit of a rebellious attitude. I like to do what everyone is not, so while heavy makeup is in trend, I’m constantly looking for fresh looks, and new ways to use color which was my first and foremost go-to inspiration.
WWW: Who are some MUA that you look up to? Why are they your go to?
LPS: I really look up to Alex Box, Lottie, Val Garland, and Pat McGrath all of these artists are Lady Bosses who have worked so hard to achieve their status in the industry.
I Love Alex Box because more than makeup she is also an artist. Using the human body as her canvas, and makeup as her medium. She is constantly pushing boundaries and creating such esthetically pleasing abstract looks on faces & bodies. She also practices being conscious, and self aware in & outside of her artistry which I admire greatly.
Lottie is amazing in the music & celebrity market. She is also Key Makeup artist for Urban Decay which is brand I’ve loved and been loyal to for years. I love her use of color when she does glitter & glam, and I feel like she really represents the term “bad ass” everything she puts out inspires me.
Val has created the opportunity to work with so many incredible fashion/editorial photographers, as well as brands. I admire her hard work, and the way she has created such an unforgettable name for herself. She will always be a staple, and go-to in this industry. I love love her ability to step out of the box and really turn it up on the editorial looks.
Pat because she continues so soar, and conquer. She’s created her own line of makeup which is incredible product. She too has built up such a high demand for herself, it’s inspiring watching her take on so much and do so well with it. She is graceful, and diligent both qualities I admire so much. And all of her work on the runway is sensational!!
WWW: You just moved to NYC, How has your career been with that transition?
LPS: I’ve been much busier in NYC so far. I love that knowing achieving my dreams here is absolutely possible. It’s amazing to get to work first hand in the fashion market with such amazing brands, photographers, and artists. That’s not to say it’s not a rollercoaster, but I truly do feel like everything I want for myself will begin here, and I’m happy to have taken the leap of faith!
WWW: What are some beauty trends you love? & what are some that has got to go?
LPS: Love color, always love color. I can always go for colored mascara, or a colorful liner. A colorful Lip is a staple of course. As far as skin goes I’ve been a fan of keeping it FRESH for a while now, so I really don’t like to do much heavy foundation or face makeup which is why I have issues with all this cream contour, baking and cutting up of the face. I’m also not into this concealing of the brows and ‘instabrow’. I just like fresh faces, and full brows brushed up a bit with a little powder or maybe even a brow gel. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been more drawn to the fashion, and editorial side of makeup.
WWW: What are some Summer tips for make-up lovers?
LPS: Clean your skin!! Wear sunscreen. Don’t over-do heavy creams or foundations, instead try a tinted moisturizer, or a sheer foundation with a bit of setting powder. Pops of color on the cheeks is always fun – people don’t wear enough blush these days! Throw it on and pair it with a lip you’ll be good to go! If you prefer to leave the blush alone & play with your eyes, then go get some fun colorful mascaras or a couple eyeliners that aren’t black but still wearable for everyday. Try teals, greens, purple, & blue’s.
WWW:  What are your favorite brands right now?
LPS: Love NARS, Urban Decay, Bite Beauty, Makeup forever, Shiseido,  All for different reasons but there’s something good to be found in all of them!
WWW: Where are you favorite places to shop for make-up?
LPS: I like to actually shop online for makeup usually just because I’m buying for my kit rather than myself. But I do like to go to Sephora to try stuff out and ask questions, or to the department stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales & Saks to get my hands on those high quality products that aren’t always at Sephora, or Ulta.


Lauren has been an inspiring person who goes after her dreams and she has taken the opportunity to learn as much as she can within the industry. You can check her work out at www.lpsmua.com.