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Break-ups suck, but you will survive!

We all have been through it, breaking up with someone you thought would be in you life forever. That gut wrenching feeling of walking away from someone who doesn’t serve your soul the way they should. It’s not fun, but the beautiful thing about break ups, is you learn so much about yourself in the process. We put together this list to help ease the pain and get you back to that glowing, happy woman you were born to be!

-Friends/Family: Without a doubt life would be nothing without friends and family. They make you laugh, they tell you things you don’t want to hear, but you need to hear it anyways. They will be the ones to lift you when you’re down and that hug you need when the heart is aching just too much. Allow them to be that cushion in that time of need. They will allow you more growth than anything.

-Music: That’s a give in. Blast Lana Del Rey and cry your eyes out. It’s okay to be sad. Allow yourself to feel the sorrow and hurt. Emotions aren’t meant to not be felt. Healing can be hard, but being in your emotions is the best release. Some of my favorite break up music includes Bob Moses, Alabama Shakes, Above & Beyond ,The XX, London Grammar and Bon Iver.

-Find a New Hobby: The most creative people have usually endured the worst of heartbreak – in return they create some of the most beautiful things. Whether is taking a new class, getting outside or simply getting a journal to write in, creativity stems from dark days. Not to mention, new hobbies allows you to surround yourself with new ideas, from new people. You will be surprised at the perspective you gain from being in new places.

-Alone Time: Tuning into yourself can help you understand the ache you’re feeling. During my time of hurt I went out in nature by myself, listened to how I really felt and allowed it. Once you “watch” how you are feeling without judgement, that’s when a breakthrough happens. Angela Burningham said it best:

“To isolate, to ache, and to find myself love. To feel everything and to work through it. To understand and grow mentally, to change my thoughts, and re-evaluate my perception of what I felt I deserved and what made ME happy. I decided not to fill my time and space with temporary solutions or “distractions” because at the end of the day, that’s all the were and the hurt was still there. My biggest growth came from my biggest pain and the peace I have now was worth everything I lost”

-Yoga & Meditation: I learned with any break-up or falling out, being able to forgive is the first step to moving forward. To forgive doesn’t mean you have to accept ones actions towards you, but simply allowing them to not consume your thoughts. I find when I am on my mat, I can allow forgiveness to enter my space. An hour of escaping the replayed conversations and scenarios allowed me so much relief to replace bitterness and allow forgiveness in my heart. Mindful and slow restorative poses allow you to tune in and see how you emotions are making you feel and simply watch without judgement.