Out With The Old, In With The New – Spring Cleaning Motivation

It’s that time of year again, where it’s time to get rid of clutter in your home, re-energize your home to bring on the warmer months. While that sounds exciting — we know spring cleaning can be a tedious and dreaded task none of us look forward to. Once it’s done though, you feel accomplished more than ever! Here are a few areas you can start with to get your home glowing!

Windows – Outer and Inner! The dirt loves to collect on windows, allow that grime to come off  from the snow and cold weather. A great trick from Good Housekeeping is to clean them on an overcast day to avoid the sun cleaning the cleaner off too quickly.

Lint Creates Problems! Like Fires! Which could be devastating. The National Fire Association states that 10,000 + Fires start from washing and drying machines. Cleaning out your lint should be in habit after every dry, but there are some tough to reach places you should be checking regularly.

Dust Bunnies are not Funny- They cause allergies, makes everything look bland so make sure you are dusting frequently. Spring Cleaning should be when you get rid of them as much as possible. I try to dust at least twice a week being in a dry climate.

Microwave de-grunge- Microwaves get gross, we all see it and it can be a real pain in the butt to clean them. Good Housekeeping told us:

1. Place inside a 4-cup large microwave-safe bowl that contains 1 cup of water and a chopped-up lemon, lime, or orange or several tablespoons of vinegar.

2. Turn on High for several minutes or until the solution boils and the window is steamy.

3. Let it sit to cool for 15 minutes before opening the door. Remove and wipe out inside.

4. Clean the rubber gasket around the door with a sponge dampened with water only. If the window is greasy, clean with a mixture of half vinegar and half water, then dry.

Deep Clean Carpets – Treat yourself to a professional cleaning once a year. No better time than spring to get this done. You’ll thank yourself later.

Move Furniture- Move it around to create a fun new space and while you’re at it, clean those tough to reach areas from all the gunk that gets under there.

Organize- Organize everything from important paperwork, toys, clothing, pantry and everything in between. This can take some time so make sure you are motivated! You’ll be surprised at the things you find!

Gardening- Time to pull all the dead plants and weeds out to make room for that gorgeous garden you’ve been dreaming about. Whether you want to get a professional in there or make it a family event; this allows some time out in the sun and spend time in nature which is good for the soul.

Freshen the Bedrooms- Flip your mattresses, wash all your bedding, rearrange your room. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, treat it like one!

Scrub that Bathroom- Bathrooms can get dirty quick. Especially if you’re me who loves makeup and has a thick head of hair. I go through and deep clean my bathroom at least once a month. But if you’re not as messy as I am, spring allows you to really clean out everything you don’t need.

DIY Cleaners

Most cleaners are harmful, to you, your family, and to the earth. We found some great recipes for some home cleaners that you wont feel guilty using!

Toilets: Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda with 10 drops of tea tree oil into the toilet, then pour 1/4 cup of white vinegar in. Scrub away.

Tub/Shower: To rid of that mildew smell, mix 1 part water with 1 part vinegar and add some drops of your favorite essential oil. Spray and lets sit for a few minutes then wipe away with a sponge or wet rag.

Floors: Mix one part vinegar, one part warm water (add essential oils) and mop away. I personally like to add in a spray bottle and go over with a floor steamer.

Below here is a diagram of all natural cleaning products that you can mix and match to combat tough stains and grime around the house! Special thanks to Earth911!


Workouts & Clean House – Summer Bod Time

Okay, sure it’s been done before. Everyone has an at home regime to attempt to “get fit”. If you’re anything like me, that lasts about a week. Then back with the tacos and lounging around. But if you’re anything like me, again. I love to clean. My house has to be spotless or else I go crazy. So what do I do? I combine cleaning with working out! I probably look ridiculous doing so, but I have noticed working out to be a little less daunting.

Here are the 3 different workouts I do during my daily chores.

  1. 10 Squats for every dish that goes in the dishwasher: Whether that be 3 dishes or 15, I always do 10 squats between every rinse and stick in the dishwasher. It’s harder than it sounds.
  2. Floorboard Pushups/Planks: Floorboards put you on the ground anyways, may as well get those biceps and abs working while down there! I alternate between the two and do 30 second plank or 10 pushups.
  3. Mop Lunges: While mopping, I’m definitely lunging as I go. I sometimes use a resistance band if I’m feeling it. Lunges are never a bad thing for buns of steel and you’ll start feeling the burn pretty quickly.

So while it may not be much, I pride myself in having a spotless house which means the cleaning supplies are out multiple times a week. If you’re not an avid cleaner, not to worry. Work your way up from one day to a few days a week. The more you do these easy workouts, the more you’re going to want to! Put on some of your favorite music and get to steppin’!

6 Ways You Can Tackle Monday

Monday: that six letter word we all dread. After spending two days in the leisure of your own home, on your own schedule — Monday is a pretty daunting day to get back to that daily routine. However, this is one day we can’t dodge so we may as well tackle Monday with a strong cup of coffee and a smile. Here are 6 ways you can tackle Monday head on.

1.Wake up early: Yes, that’s almost just as bad as Monday. Especially for the more snoozy types who enjoy mornings in bed like myself. Allowing yourself to wake up earlier, allows you to prepare for the day in a positive manner instead of rushing into your day.

2. Wear a fun outfit: Now I know, work makes you keep it professional, doesn’t mean you can’t add a little flare to your daily attire to keep things interesting. Wear your favorite colorful top or find that perfect dress to rock on those mundane Mondays.

3.Eat a good breakfast: Doesn’t even have to be healthy! If you want a donut on a Monday, have a donut on a Monday!

4. Change up your music choice: There are so many great musical options out there, try switching up your daily commute radio to something different. Whether that be a new radio station or a new playlist — you’ll be surprised at how much awesome music is out there that might inspire you to have a great day! Podcasts are great too for that Monday morning motivation!

5. Meet up with a loved one: Whether you can meet for lunch or go to a movie with your family, do something out of the ordinary so you can look forward to your day.

6. Plan ahead: Instead of rushing out on Friday, to come back to a load of work Monday. Organize your week so you aren’t stressed going in to work Monday morning. This will allow your work flow to go more effortlessly than trying to coordinate all your meetings all at once which in return leads to stress and needed “me time“.

These are just a few things that can put a little pep in your step when it comes to Monday Blues. Consider your Monday “my day” and allow yourself to set goals for yourself for the week! You can do this!


Have a great week!

5 Things You Need In Your Closet This Spring

With the warmer weather coming and New York Fashion week just happening, Spring Fashion is underway! We looked in to the top major fashion trends happening for Spring 2017 and here are a few things you shouldn’t go without this season.

1.Floral Garden Party – Florals have been a hot commodity for a few seasons now. But this season, they have been draped over gorgeous blouses and jumpsuits that will surely be a great piece for work or events. You can find this one at H&M.

2.Stripes – Yes, stripes are making a comeback. But just like florals, they are adding large silhouettes, fashion experts encourage rocking them in every color of the rainbow! Paying homage to the traditional print, these allow you to be that professional with a little added flare. These are also available at H&M.

3.Statement Tees – For all the girls who enjoy Sunday brunch after a morning yoga session, statement tees are your go to. While some of them are insanely tacky, they can be fun and laid back for your get up and go look. Sunday Funday chic, if you will. There are a wide array of shirts and you can find them just about anywhere. Some of our favorites are from Target.

4.Sultry Sheers – Sheer is here with popular demand, these are great for layering as well as keeping cool as the weather heats up. Sheer looks are great for in the office as well dates with your friends or significant other. They are sexy and shows just the right amount of skin. We found some great sheers at BeBe.

5. Metallics – They always said “disco never died” and it most certainly is making a comeback with this season’s fashion trends. No, we aren’t talking about head to toe silver metallic to blind your friends and family. Hints of metallics with darker colors can be that perfect Easter look that nobody expects! We went back to H&M for these neat finds!

These are just a few of the Spring 2017 trends that we love – we can’t wait to see how people style these to their own personalities!

Why “Me Time” is so Important in the Life of a Woman

We’ve all been there at some point – where you barely have time to breathe. Whether you are a stay at home mom with kids, or you’re a woman in the workforce, life is busy and it doesn’t slow down for anybody. Sure, it would be nice to just go hide from all the responsibilities that come at you each day. Take that vacation that you mark on your calendar each year but somehow passes you by, or even just get away from the house to have a glass of wine with a pedicure. The difficulty with doing those things being a busy woman, is you won’t relax until you get your check-list completely marked off.


According to Statistic Brain, 48% of studies have reported that stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional life and $300 Billion in annual costs to employers in stress related health care and missed work. Even if you have a moment to yourself, it can decrease stress by taking simple steps that will allow you to have a more fulfilling day.


Wake Up Early: Waking up a little earlier allows for some quality time to enjoy your own company. I personally have never been a morning person, but since I’ve been getting up earlier; even if it’s only 30 minutes on some days it allows me to take time to myself before I start my day. I usually wake up at sunrise, do a quick meditation or yoga session and make me a healthy breakfast. Not only does it start the day off on a positive note, it allows you to slow down instead of rushing into your day.


Journaling: I’ve always been an avid user of a journal, it allows me to declutter my brain. Everything from lists, to what’s on my mind in that exact moment. Dealing with the monkey mind, it can be difficult to shut your brain off for a second. Combining this with a daily meditation, you can reduce stress, clarify your thoughts as well as get to know yourself better!


Exercise: This one is even a tough one for myself, I would much rather be eating my feelings than trying to be healthy about them. Let’s be honest though, exercise is the one thing all doctors agree on when it comes to health. The great thing about exercise though is it doesn’t have to be a vigorous work-out. Going on a walk for 20 minutes out of your day can eliminate stress, allows you to have a moment to yourself, or allows you some time with a loved one.

These are just a few things I’ve incorporated in my daily routine to allow me to have some clarity. Being a college student, working almost full time – I have been exposed to so much stress. My quality of life has become increasingly better due to taking “me time”. The great thing about this is, just remembering to do what you enjoy. You’re limitless when you’re happy!