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Healthy Summertime Living

The time is here! The months most of us look forward to – summer dresses, family vacations and warm nights with loved ones. Summer doesn’t get much better than that! While we tend to be so busy with all the things we have planned for months on end, it’s important that we pay attention to […]


Yoga: For the Mind, Body & Soul

Yoga has been on an upward trend with more Americans practicing today than ever before. A new study by Yoga Alliance has shown that “Approximately 37 million Americans practice yoga today – up significantly from 20 million in 2012.” Originating in India over 5000 years ago, the tradition has become a worldwide practice gaining more […]

Women Under 40 Are Getting Osteoporosis, Here’s How You Can Help Prevent It

Recent studies have shown premenopausal women have been getting osteoporosis due to low peak bone mass, increased bone loss prior to menopause, or both. Osteoporosis is generally a postmenopausal disorder, however, researchers are seeing that low bone mass as well as accelerated bone loss can occur earlier in life. The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that […]

Why You Should Listen to The Gardiner Sisters

The Gardiner Sisters hailing from Concord, North Carolina has charmed millions with their beautiful melodies. Gardiner Sisters, Hailey (23), Allie (21) Mandi (20), Lindsay (17), and Abby (15) are the oldest of eight children, and have been performing and creating music together since their childhood. Their positivity and faith shine through with their original songs […]

These Adorable Girl Scouts Portrayed Powerful Women

Who doesn’t love Girl Scouts? After all, they do provide some of the most delicious cookies on the face of this planet. Thin Mint anyone? For Women’s History Month, Girl Scouts dressed up as some influential women from the past who just so happened to be Girl Scouts themselves! Dressing up as trailblazers such as […]


Workouts & Clean House – Summer Bod Time

Okay, sure it’s been done before. Everyone has an at home regime to attempt to “get fit”. If you’re anything like me, that lasts about a week. Then back with the tacos and lounging around. But if you’re anything like me, again. I love to clean. My house has to be spotless or else I […]

6 Ways You Can Tackle Monday

Monday: that six letter word we all dread. After spending two days in the leisure of your own home, on your own schedule — Monday is a pretty daunting day to get back to that daily routine. However, this is one day we can’t dodge so we may as well tackle Monday with a strong […]

5 Things You Need In Your Closet This Spring

With the warmer weather coming and New York Fashion week just happening, Spring Fashion is underway! We looked in to the top major fashion trends happening for Spring 2017 and here are a few things you shouldn’t go without this season. 1.Floral Garden Party – Florals have been a hot commodity for a few seasons […]