6 Ways You Can Tackle Monday

Monday: that six letter word we all dread. After spending two days in the leisure of your own home, on your own schedule — Monday is a pretty daunting day to get back to that daily routine. However, this is one day we can’t dodge so we may as well tackle Monday with a strong cup of coffee and a smile. Here are 6 ways you can tackle Monday head on.

1.Wake up early: Yes, that’s almost just as bad as Monday. Especially for the more snoozy types who enjoy mornings in bed like myself. Allowing yourself to wake up earlier, allows you to prepare for the day in a positive manner instead of rushing into your day.

2. Wear a fun outfit: Now I know, work makes you keep it professional, doesn’t mean you can’t add a little flare to your daily attire to keep things interesting. Wear your favorite colorful top or find that perfect dress to rock on those mundane Mondays.

3.Eat a good breakfast: Doesn’t even have to be healthy! If you want a donut on a Monday, have a donut on a Monday!

4. Change up your music choice: There are so many great musical options out there, try switching up your daily commute radio to something different. Whether that be a new radio station or a new playlist — you’ll be surprised at how much awesome music is out there that might inspire you to have a great day! Podcasts are great too for that Monday morning motivation!

5. Meet up with a loved one: Whether you can meet for lunch or go to a movie with your family, do something out of the ordinary so you can look forward to your day.

6. Plan ahead: Instead of rushing out on Friday, to come back to a load of work Monday. Organize your week so you aren’t stressed going in to work Monday morning. This will allow your work flow to go more effortlessly than trying to coordinate all your meetings all at once which in return leads to stress and needed “me time“.

These are just a few things that can put a little pep in your step when it comes to Monday Blues. Consider your Monday “my day” and allow yourself to set goals for yourself for the week! You can do this!


Have a great week!

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